In 2014, do you think the DJ/producer picture-taking game will be stepped up? We're noticing some weird trends. The weirdest by far is the "we're not into taking pictures at all" line of depressed press shots, but what about the weird "we're covering our mouths because why not" flicks that we're seeing? We know the age-old saying that DJs speak with their hands, but what are they saying when their hands are covering their mouths? "Don't worry about what we have to say, just listen to the beats?" That's fine - but some of our favorite characters in the EDM scene are the ones who speak the most. And what do we say about someone like deadmau5, who tends to perform in a mask?

We're actually in a weird time, considering the rise of masked DJs and confusing mystery projects, maybe the hand-over-mouth trend is some unwritten code, with DJs informing each other that their secret society has things within it that are better left unsaid. You can't reveal all of the secrets, as the magic is truly expressed when you hit the decks and start wowing the crowd... or maybe we're just over-thinking this, and we're really just catching this random trend of DJs getting in front of the camera and covering their mouths quickly. Whatever works.