The UK native Castro first hit my radar with his incredible zouk track "Toot Toot" that dropped via Enchufada's Upper Cuts series back in October.  It totally made my jaw drop on the first listen and his follow up tune "Mama Mango" did the exact same.  I remember saying that it was one of the best and most interesting moombahton tunes of the entire year.  He's been fairly quiet since then (calling like two months "quiet" is totally absurd but this is the SoundCloud age), so imagine my excitement when he messaged me recently saying he had a new EP dropping on Generation Bass over Christmas.

This dude is seriously an amazing percussionist so it's no surprise to me that he continues to experiment with tempos and riddims on Who Am I.  The EP is nicely packaged with two stellar tropical house driven originals and two tough remixes that add some adventure and excitement to the release.  The first cut, "Sea Monkeys," is full of summer vibes that should easily warm up the half of the world that's firmly rooted now in the winter season.  The intensity of the vocal chops take it to a whole other stratosphere as they are constantly going through a pitch bend to add intensity and dynamics.  "Warning" is a bit more of a straight ahead tropical house banger but still sits incredibly well in a summer themed aesthetic.  The two remixes of the first cut come from Strooly and SPRT ANML.  Strooly speeds up the tempo a bit and adds a slightly dark and almost paranoid take to the original.  SPRT ANML slows everything down and lets the strings and steel drums lead the way to a more blissful and euphoric result.  All in all, there's nothing on this release that loses.  And on the low low...Castro could seriously open some eyes and minds in the new year.