Hanukkah is over. We hope you had a good holiday. We hope you enjoyed our seasonal 8 Jews of Rap series. Perhaps you noticed, on the menorah we lit with a new luminary every night, that there were not eight candles, but nine, actually—with one in the middle raised up a little bit. This ninth candle is called the "shamosh." It does not represent one of the nights in The Jewish "Festival of Lights," but is rather a "helper candle," used to light the others. Sort of an honorary Hanukkah candle. And as we've been noting the most notable Jews in hip-hop history this week. We'd like to follow up with one more important person. Though he may not be technically Jewish (we don't think), Rick Ross deserves a seat at any celebratory table. L'Chaim!

Written by Jeff Rosenthal & Eric Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

Here’s what we know about Rick Ross: He has the most Jewish name in hip-hop. He’s got a tremendous sense of humor. He lives in Miami. He wears big sunglasses. He wears open shirts, and doesn’t mind showing his chest, even if it’s unflattering. He likes to ride in big cars. He put out a mixtape called Black Bar Mitzvah. He’s represented by Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz.

Here’s what we’re going to assume about Rick Ross: He reveres Woody Allen. He likes to play shuffleboard. He only goes to synagogue on the high holidays. His family is either from Russia or Germany. Maybe both? He can’t remember. His Bar Mitzvah party theme was baseball teams. He’s a big fan of liverwurst. He hates gefilte fish. He doesn’t keep a kosher household, but he tells his grandmother he does. His cousins went to summer camp at Kutcher’s. His mother would have rather him been a lawyer.

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