Even if you haven't heard of Upworthy before, you've probably clicked on it. It's the website intended to capitalize on your viral clicks. It pops up in your Facebook feed every other day, from a relative or friend with headlines like: 

Hugh Jackman Gives Us A Much-Needed History Lesson And A Wake-Up Call

Before You Say Corporations Don't Do Anything Good, Check Out Who Got These Dogs A Home. 

We're Being Robbed, But The People Doing It Will Never Go To Prison.

Damn! I gotta click on those! Once you click, you're greeted with a two to 15 minute video appealing to your sense of decency or outrage. On the whole, the videos on Upworthy tend to celebrate progressive values, which is cool with us; Yet Another Reason To Question The Thing We Spend 3 Billion Hours A Week Doing is an eight-minute video about the lack of people of color cast in video games, for example. Certainly a worthy subject to address. And for the Upworthy employees, they no doubt see what they do as providing a necessary service: winning a PR war for Worthwhile Content. 

So we started to think: What if the Upworthy folks decided to write some headlines for our favorite rap videos? Could we get Eric B. and Rakim back on the charts? Could a hip-hop classic go viral, just because it had the perfect audience-tested clickbait headline? Let's find out. Welcome to Word Upworthy: You Won't Believe How Badly You Want to Click on These Classic Rap Videos.

Written by Ethan Padgett; Art by Simon Jones.

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