Eminem has sold a few albums.

One or two.

Or maybe 42.5 million. In his career, and this is just domestically, in the United States alone, Eminem has sold 42.5 million copies of CDs like Recovery, Relapse, The Marshall Mathers LP, and Infinite.

Okay, probably only a handful were of Infinite. But still.

This is a stratospheric number. Did Bill Murray even spend as many days in Punxsutawney as Eminem has sold copies of The Marshall Mathers LP? How many times have you clicked on a slideshow at Complex? Probably not 42.5 million. You probably haven't even tied your shoes that many times. We can barely count to fourteen without having to start back at the beginning.

It's nearly impossible to wrap your head around exactly how large that number is. It feels like an abstraction. Just add the word "million" to the end, and "42.5" is very manageable. That's like your younger uncle's age. 

But the reality is much more daunting. How much more daunting? We've decided to give you a visual guide to just exactly how many CDs Eminem has sold. Here are 10 Pictographs of Eminem's Career Sales Numbers Compared to Other Very Large Numbers.

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