It is perhaps a sign of the times when music videos have to be like, a hundred music videos in one for them to get anyone to watch past the first twenty seconds. This week brought us three of those videos! One for Pharrell song "Happy" that allowed you to manipulate the time of day, from which the video would react by showing you a different group of people having a great time listening to Pharrell's song "Happy." Just a couple days prior, Bob Dylan, or perhaps the Department of Bob Dylan Related Entertainment Services came through with a television video. As in, the television was INSIDE THE VIDEO. You can change the channel and see a bunch of different people, Danny Brown included, having a great time lip-synching the classic "Like A Rolling Stone." What this overwhelmingly entertaining re-interpretation of the music video medium has to do with the lyrical content of the song, the world may never know. No one really knew exactly what Bob Dylan was ever saying, anyway. Had Complex been around to post his music when it was coming out, our commenters may have expressed the same things they currently do about, say, Chief Keef. The takeaway here is that Bob Dylan is the best rapper alive.

Some other things occurred this week as well...Ah yes, another music video! "Bound 2" didn't exactly drown in the Bob Dylan applause. Kanye West gave us horses, birds, desktop backgrounds, and Kim Kardashian essentially naked (which none of us have ever seen before, nor been exposed to in any way, form, or fashion). So it was kind of like the previously mentioned interactive videos, but instead of putting a television inside of a computer screen, Kanye was putting Kim Kardashian and himself inside of a bunch of computer screen desktop backgrounds. Kanye's just always one step ahead.

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