Is the tension between Maino and Trinidad Jame$ coming to an end? A phone conversation between the two rappers was made public last night and things got testy between the two, as Maino clarified that his issue stemmed from Trinidad saying that if someone had a problem with what he said about New York last week, that there could "be something." For Maino? Challenge accepted.

The phone conversation apparently happened before Jame$'s "Truth Will Set You Free" vlog and he explained to Maino that the vlog would clarify the Brooklyn rant. Before hanging up, Maino said that as long as Trinidad released this vlog and apologized to New York City, they could move forward.

But was Trinidad's vlog enough? It's worth noting that there is no apology in "The Truth Will Set You Free." In fact, he makes it a point to say that he has nothing to apologize for. Meanwhile, Maino's tweets that have come after the vlog seem to be referring back to Trinidad, indicating that he was not satisfied with what he saw.

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