Tree, a rapper and producer out Chicago, shared a number of unreleased records with NahRight for their "Heavy Rotation" series. One of the five songs included was "Hands" featuring Vic Mensa. Tree says the files for the song were lost, and what he had left was a "dirty version." Dirty is a great way to describe "Hands," because it definitely sounds like a rough draft from their session that took place a year or so ago. It's also dirty in the sense that it is melodically and lyrically raw.

Tree is proud about the collaboration with Vic, who he met a while ago as he tells NahRight:

“I worked with him before. I invited him over to the crib one day, before the whole world got to know who these people were. He’s from the better part of the city, and he came to the rough neighborhood where I was at. He showed up, came into my living room, and I got to play him music off of my personal computer. And the man wrote one of the meanest sixteens ever, in maybe an hour. He works fast, and I respect his work ethic. And he’s one of those guys that looks you in the eyes when he talks to you. He gained my respect from that. But other than that, he’s a hell of an MC. 

Tree does his part by delivering a soul trap backdrop complete with a piercing soul sample ala Kanye West in the early 2000s. Vic Mensa then jumps in with a 16-bar verse that highlight's a young MC's determination to win. His unique voice weaves in between the dirty drums and he flips his words with a finesse that is rarely heard from a teenage rapper. It's also evident how much progress he's made between "Hands" and his impressive new mixtape INNANETAPE. Clearly Vic's hard work is paying off, too, as evidenced by his recent tweet of joining Mobb Deep in the studio.

[via NahRight]

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