PR companies are a cornerstone of the music business, and the players behind these firms are often overlooked for their contributions. Their job is to promote their clients, and to ensure that content lands in our hands. They spend their days negotiating with websites, keying up descriptions, and scheduling exclusives with the best websites they can find. But not all of them are aware of what we need as bloggers in order to help them place this content.

While this article may come off as a stab, it's simply a heads up. We've gotten submissions from literally hundreds of different individuals representing thousands of artists since our launch in January. These numbers are not an exaggeration. If you're a producer looking for someone to represent you, you can use this piece as a foundation for questions to ask the PR companies you are thinking of spending your money on. If you're a manager that's taken the task of promoting work for someone you believe in, this article can help you negotiate this world until you can afford a professional.

And if you own a PR firm, these are things to think about as you move forward into the New Year. If you're working for a PR firm and have consistently placed content with us, you've done everything right. And if you're looking to start your own company, these are all things that will make us hate you or love you as you start to reach out to us. We're one of many blogs, and we're sure that every platform deals with the same issues with submissions. PR firms are a wonderful tool if used correctly, and a horrible annoyance if they're continually dropping the ball. Here are some things we would like for you to consider when reaching out to websites.