The real genius in EDM lies in those artists that can take each sound in each song, distort it until it is barely recognizable, creating new sounds from the original, and also layering the track with some things that have never even been heard before. One artist who does this meticulously, almost to perfection, is a guy who in my eyes is underrated, Mat Zo. I guess you could say he is something of an anonymous superhero himself.

Not very many electronic artists are releasing full length studio albums; most release EPs or mixtapes, even singles and collections of singles on streaming websites. Mat Zo is an exception, he is a musician, and musicians make albums. One of the greats in the electronic music world, his album proves this to be even more of a truth. Damage Control dropped in early November, and it should be in your regular rotation if it's not already.

The album's latest single, "Lucid Dreams," features ambient beats and trippy vocals. You'll feel like you're lucid dreaming, awake with your eyes closed, moving with the rhythm and hypnotizing lyrics. Mat Zo attacked this track with a complexity and depth unparalleled.

Ben Swardlick of The M Machine was pumped on the release of this album when I caught up with him just a few weeks ago. It was only a matter of time before the trio went to work on one of the tracks.Their remix is everything the original is at slower tempo with a dose of M Machine sprinkled throughout. The synth and vocals in this remix towards the end create a wholesome melody with stripping the track of the white noise in the original, showing off the melodic side of The M Machine, but keeping the intensity of the original mix.

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