Back in January, we took a look at Kim Dotcom, who restarted his "Mega" empire a year after the seizures that brought about the end to Megaupload. Sometime in May, we caught wind of Kim attempting to make some forays into the EDM world, even posting a track on his SoundCloud page back in February:

This week, in an interview with Wired UK, Kim Dotcom spoke about the success of Mega, his new streaming-music service Baboom, and interestingly enough his new album, which he's working on with Black Eyed Peas-producer Printz Board and JD Walker, who's recently worked with Cher. In terms of what he's actually doing, he feels like some hybrid idea man/vocalist/organizer: "I told them what I like in the early stages and then we'd find melodies and I'd tell them what I liked and what I wanted them to change and they executed on these ideas. I was the architect of the music but they were the guys putting it all together with the keyboard, software and recordings of artists. I did some vocals as well on three or four songs, but I sound like crap, obviously. Fortunately there's a thing called Auto-Tune so they make it sound OK." The album is called Good Times, and "it's electronic dance music -- not techno. It's basically like what the Black Eyed Peas do. It's poppy dance music that you would listen to in the clubs."

While not broken down, it'll be interesting to see how Kim distributes this project. Will it be the vehicle to drive his Baboom service? Will he eschew modern music mediums to put this out for free? Maybe he'll sell it with Bitcoins? Time will tell. We're just finding this.... interesting.