JWLS, one half of Miami's own GTA, is Julio Mejia. If I may be frank with you, GTA fucks shit up. Whatever you think you know, forget about it if you aren't listening to these dudes slay genres. UOENO. They don't even have a genre; they are every genre. That's not to say they didn't learn them first. They set out to get asses clapping on the dance floor, experimenting with all sorts of combinations and coming up with a unique flavor of twerk music that takes elements from all over the music world. JWLS has carved his own niche in the dance music scene as a latin influenced moombahton producer. Naturally, Julio found his way to D.C. based label headed by Nadastrom, Diabluma Sound Records, where he produced two tracks for the self-titles Bashin' EP. Most prominent characteristic separating JWLS from GTA is a heavier moombahton influence, more tribal than the clean sounds from the Miami based duo.

JWLS' "Lagrimas" is a hip-popping, pelvic-thrusting, ass clapping, animalistic track. It would be sort of funny if the literal translation was the grimes. It is not. It is Spanish for tears. Alexander Cosenza, a Philadelphia-area producer whose recent track (a retwerk of Buraka Som Sistema's "Hangover") is supported by UZ and Baauer. On Cosenza's remix of "Lagrimas," fast forward until about a minute in, up to 140BPM. Dancing to that speed is exhilarating, but it's tricky to slow down when a hot trap drop comes in.  The rest of the track is rhythmic sections that play with speed and used chopped vocals to add serious complexity, and changing the face of the track all together. Real. Trap. Shit.

The JWLS track is one Alex has wanted to have a little fun with for a while now. Kids these days. Leave them alone with their laptop and some moombahton, and they produce music that would make my grandmom horny. The satyrical Miley Cyrus crying parodies the woman on the actual album cover. And poor Miley, as if Philadelphia hasn't done enough. Not that it isn't funny, leave Miley alone, troll.

When all is said and done, this track is a certified panty dropper. Leave out the tears. I'd expect nothing less from talent like this.