Mattel has created a Jennifer Lopez-edition of Barbie doll. The two collectible editions feature detailed wardrobes that Lopez's has worn in the past, and has a very accurate portrayal of the singer's face. However, the dolls have come under scrutiny for lacking a particular asset that Lopez has always been known for.

People have gone to social media with commentary about the dolls, suggesting that they do not showcase the singer's curves and that the dolls are too skinny. This is not the first time the Barbie frachise has been criticized for the proportions of its dolls; the company has been accused of promoting anorexia by projecting an unhealthy standard of beauty.

But according to the designers of the doll, Lopez's dolls were created from a mold that is different from the regular model. “We created a specialty sculpt that has more enhanced curves,” said Robert Best, Barbie's director of design.

Ultimately, Lopez appears to be a fan of the dolls, and has even taken an Instagram video of them in different environments. For the singer, just the concept of a girl from the Bronx getting her own Barbie doll is a major accomplishment and sign of her longevity and success.

[via NBC Latino]

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