Earlier this month, Skrillex let Rolling Stone know that he was about to go in with the production output, and judging by the recent EDM newswire, it looks like he won't just be working on his own solo material. During this past weekend's MTV European Music Awards, Ellie Goulding let an interviewer know that she has a track with Skrillex coming out "at some point." Given their track "Summit," and the overall beauty that Ellie gives electronic music with her vocals, expect this one to be a major number.

On the flipside, Boys Noize spoke with inthemix, letting them know that he and Skrillex would be setting aside some time to work on music very soon: "He comes to Berlin before we go together to Australia [for Stereosonic], and then we’re gonna hang out in my studio and maybe make some music…but it’s really spontaneous as well." Given that we just received a Dog Blood single back in August, who knows when any completed tracks will surface... but an android can dream, right?

(Dancing Astronaut, inthemix)