While we not don't have the context for it, during what seemed to be another epic Twitter evening for deadmau5 he asked "what the fuck is 'up the ra?'" For those that don't know, Urban Dictionary defines "up the RA" as an "Irish Republican phrase of support or encouragement of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA, IRA etc.)," and has been turned into a song, an outlawed football chant, and has caused Coventry midfielder Gary Deegan's suspension over his use of the term on Twitter. And while deadmau5 went on the record as saying his recent Twitter cleansing had nothing to do with the IRA, there have been a number of tweets sent out worldwide with people who are sure that the "up the RA" comment caused deadmau5's Twitter downfall.

DAD's of the mind that deadmau5 had enough and handed over the reins to keep his sanity. Yet no matter how fast the Information Superhighway travels, there are some out there who don't get the message.