Any Miami Dada Life fans planning on taking a trip to Dada Land tonight got their hopes crushed. While official details haven't been handed down, This Song Slaps is reporting that no sooner had Tritonal finished his set than the Miami police were shutting the show down before Henry Fong and Dada Life were to perform. Dada Life described the scene as being "pretty much chaos," and based on some of the Twitter chatter, the venue might have been overbooked, with ticket-holding fans being turned away due to the club being over capacity. This seems to have caused rushing of the gates, which then prompted riot police and SWAT teams to be called in to sort out the situation. It's a bad look all around, but truthfully we need to rave safe, so you can't hate on the police coming out and doing their job. The question is, why would this be overbooked? And word is this is the second time Dada Life hasn't been able to play in Miami - the demand has to be CRAZY, but that doesn't mean you buck safety trends. Someone will have to answer for this.

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