Innovative Leisure, the Los Angeles based label home to Feeding People, Hanni El Khatib, Lazer Sword, Mexicans With Guns, Nick Waterhouse, and a few other gems, is getting set to release this collection of remixes of track by one of their other artists, Classixx. One of these is, "Rhythm Santa Clara," which was originally released in May via their Hanging Gardens album, has a steady beat and bassline with some underlying vocals that sound like that of noise at a party, and a "snap, yeah, uh" rhythm that kicks in about halfway through the track. It is simple and fun to bop your head to. Innovative Leisure got Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw to apply some remix pressure, which takes this track a step further.

Somewhat similar to the original, keeping all of the original properties, Jas Shaw adds some synth runs and melodies that spice up this steady rhythm and add a little more flavor to it. The biggest change is the melodic keyboard about three minutes in that take this bouncing track and bump it up a few notches. In spaces where the original track is nothing but beats and bass, this track has fills that are fun, giving this track some extra character. This remix is a part of Classixx's Santa Domino remix project, which also features a rework from Revenge; Innovative Leisure will be releasing this on November 11.

This winter, Classixx is linking up with Oliver to tour a number of select spots this December. They'll be hitting Toronto, D.C., New York City, and a number of other spots before the end of 2013. Check out the full list of scheduled dates down below.


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