In the grand scheme of things the sound that's won Skrillex his six (count 'em) Grammys is not the sound we've heard from him in a while. He kicked off 2013 with his Leaving EP, which was very more "IDM"-esque, while he was also soundtracking Spring Breakers and going ballistic with Boys Noize as Dog Blood. That heavyweight, glitch-y dubstep vibe that has caused the Skrillex stigma (with those who consider themselves preservationists) has just been gone... until now. In the wee morning hours, Skrillex uploaded this tour footage-riddled video for a "Neon Mix" of his track "Try It Out" with Alvin Risk that is pure "vintage" Skrillex, if there is such a thing. If you go by the YouTube description, this is the kind of track that "sets a perfect mood for exercising, hunting T-Rexs, swimming in volcanos, playing with catbug, playing video games, or just hanging out with your parents on a cool summer's night. If you're feeling like you need a lil umph in your rumph, bang this track and get pumped up for whatever ever it is you're trying out." There will also be two other mixes of this that will be available on iTunes. We just need a date and what not, although the prospect of this track finally dropping definitely has Skrilly fans ecstatic.