Yes, that sound and that logo are Monsta, but they've undergone a name change. Now known as I See Monstas (or I See MONSTAS, rather), the trio recently hit Facebook to say that they "are changing our name to “I SEE MONSTAS” - this is something we have wanted to do for a while now as we wanted to make our name less about us (as in, who is MONSTA?) and more external and about how we see things, in life, music and everything really. We also have a brand new song and EP coming out both named 'Evolution'. We feel that this new EP shows a more diverse range of our music, so we knew it would be the perfect time to evolve the name of the band too!"

Speaking of "Evolution" (which is a pretty fitting track to release, celebrating their reemergence), this is right up their usual alley, with powerful vocals building into a huge dance record, this time finding the crew dropping some supercharged drum & bass. Yes, that happened. Zane Lowe's already given this "hottest record in the world" status, and deservedly so. And by the looks of it, this won't be coming out on OWSLA (like their previous material), as this will be released as a part of their Polydor/Interscope deal.