Today, Wu-Tang Clan ambassadors and frequent lyrical partners Ghostface Killah and Raekwon stopped by the Fox Sports talk show "Crowd Goes Wild." Host Regis Philbin, an avid Wu-Tang fan, described his listening habits—"I get in my car, I turn on the 8-track, I put on a little Wu-Tang"—and welcomed the duo of Ghostface and Kaewon to the show.

Not one to be fazed by being called the wrong name, though, Raekwon gave Regis a Wu-Tang T-shirt and expounded on his favorite NFL player, Jerome Bettis, whose number, 36, happens to also be the number of chambers a certain Wu-Tang album is about. After the show, he posted the above Instagram picture of Regis wearing that T-shirt, which we, the crowd, should all go wild for, since it's the greatest thing ever.

The duo also played a quick rhyming game where they made guesses to fill in the lyrics of famous athletes' crossover rap songs, and Ghostface seemed to have a really hard time thinking of a word that was not, um, a synonym for a lady's killer bee. Let this be a friendly notice to TV producers: If you want quality programming, you should find out if the Wu is coming through.

Watch their appearance on the show below:

And check out their segment "That's A Rap":

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