MUST DIE! is in beast mode right now. His Fever Dream EP came out in the summertime. His Tokyo Police EP with CRNKN was released in the spring, only weeks after the Caffeine EP. His Weird Vol. 1 EP dropped in March. "Live It Up" was a two-track EP given out for free. He collaborated with Atlanta's Taste Tester for another two-track EP. He's knocked out remixes for Carver & Clock, Evol Intent, Bro Safari, Bloody Beetroots, and Datsik, and while this catalog rivals that of many careers, we're just looking at his releases since January. This hustle is rare, and we're not quite sure if it will ever slow down.

Every record this Atlanta native has released has been bananas. And we're listening to previews of yet another EP, Part II of his Fever Dream series. As always, the sound design is disgusting. I don't love posting clips of forthcoming releases, but these previews are nuts. Two aggro dubstep records, one melodic mid-tempo dubstep tune, and a hybrid twerk peice. We'll be sure to let you know when full previews are available, but you can take it upon yourself to pre-order this four-track EP from Never Say Die right here.