Kanye West joined Ryan Seacrest as the guest on his 102.7 KIIS-FM Radio show. The two spoke about the currently ongoing Yeezus tour, with Kanye saying that the stage design was inspired by closing his eyes and imaginging the world coming to an end. He said that this was the same inspiration behind his last solo tour, the Glow in the Dark tour.

Kanye also spoke about his recent engagement to Kim Kardashian. He told Seacrest that he had picked up her engagement ring four hours before the ceremony, and was arguing with the person putting together the ceremony at AT&T Park about how the setup should look. Kanye also dished out more details about his upcoming wedding, and said that he would be wearing a ring after the wedding and that Kim would be taking his last name.

When asked about his collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Kanye said that not only did they record the remix to "Black Skinhead," but they have new material in the works.

This is one of several interviews Kanye has done in a recent media flurry that began last week along with the tour.

[via Ryan Seacrest]

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