Complex TV is back with another exclusive show that explores all of the questions you wanted to know about your favorite artists. From the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants, find out what makes your favorite artists Complex Individuals

In this episode of Complex Individuals, Jasmine Solano talks about her dream collaboration and celebrity crush. Her choice? Justin Timberlake, because he's got that "white boy swag."

Jasmine also reveals her favorite cuss word which she uses as a way to express emotion in her songwriting. "It's gotta be 'fuck,'" she says. "Especially when you write songs or you rap, just sliding in a 'fuck' in there, it always helps out the sentence and always expresses the point. That would have to be my favorite."

Jasmine Solano will be embarking on a 9-date world tour this month alongside Melo-X with stops in London, Berlin and Tokyo. Their first show is slated for tonight in Paris, France. You can view the flyer below or visit here for more details.

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