Amsterdam’s Ganz is steadily becoming a heavy name in the bass music scene (and one that we've followed for a bit, thanks to a certain Austin Speed) – he’s been getting the plays by DJ Shadow, G Jones, is the resident beat-maker at labels such as HW&W (Huh What & Where) and Berlin’s Saturate! Recordings, and now he has a new EP forthcoming on Plastician’s Terrorrhythm Records imprint.

While all of the tunes off of the PVRPLE CWTCH EP are synthy trunk rattlers, we couldn’t help but notice this fine track a bit more. Ganz really captures the purple sound (made famous by the team of Joker and Ginz of course) in his own drowned-out R&B fashion; it starts off sweet and innocent (i.e the "I'm gonna get my swerve on" vocals), and once that riff comes in, it'll have you flipping tables and probably swinging on something (that won’t break we hope).

The PVRPLE CWTCH EP is out on November 18.