Everlast's latest album The Life Acoustic includes 12 excellent acoustic versions of records he's released as a solo artist as well as one from his House of Pain days.

That song, "Jump Around?" gets the video treatment today. It features Everlast strumming at his guitar and singing the laidback tune while a handful of skateboarders like Paul Rodriguez show off their skills in an indoor skatepark. It also includes legendary graffiti artist RISK creating a mural to celebrate Everlast's song. Interestingly enough, the inclusion of "Jump Around?" on The Life Acoustic initially came about when the 44-year-old singer started toying with the 1992 hit on his guitar.

"I've been doing a lot of acoustic shows lately, and at almost every show someone yells out ‘Jump Around’ jokingly," Everlast tells Complex. "After sharing that with David Choe on his podcast and with some encouragement from Dave, I decided in the studio that night to see if I could make it work. The end result was better than I thought and I found it quite funny and entertaining so I decided to include it on The Life Acoustic LP."

Everlast says the record got a lot of attention on the radio when he released it a few months back, so naturally the next step was releasing a video. There, he got a little help from an old friend. "I had a tiny seed of an idea for the ‘Jump Around’ part involving a skater getting some air and called my buddy Nick Tershay aka Nick 'Diamond' about using a skate pool at his warehouse," he says. "He informed me it was full of product at the time. He loved the idea of skating being involved and made a few calls. The next thing I knew I had a skatepark and some of the best skaters on the planet showing up and showing mad love."

Everlast's The Life Acoustic is out now on Martyr Inc. Records.

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