We live in interesting times these days. The power of the word can make even the most incorrect piece of information spread like wildfire, and the music-loving Internets was a victim of this yesterday afternoon. A source, maybe MTV or EW, reported that Justin Bieber's second "Music Mondays" single, "All That Matters," was the Diplo collaboration that the Mad Decent head was all "whoa" over recently. The Internets went ballistic, especially considering that the song ain't half bad, even if it has a Timbaland/Justin Timberlake vibe to it that you can't deny (and that Bieber doesn't truly live up to). In any case, Diplo took to Twitter yesterday to let the world know that this was in fact not the song he worked on with Bieber, while Justin informed his fans via Instagram that this was not a Diplo-produced track. In the EW post, a commenter says that the track was produced by DK The Punisher and Dre Harris, even though the original post hasn't been updated to reflect any of this. Neither here nor there, really. We're here to look at the people who are just generally pissed off that this is even happening.

Now if any of these Diplo fans would've been paying attention, they would've known that Diplo has already worked with Justin Bieber, gaining production credits on Bieber's 2012 album Believe for album-cut "Thought Of You." Maybe people only pay attention to the collaborations that are singles? Maybe it's just too soon for the EDM community to hear that one of the biggest names in dance music was working with the shirtless pop star who took a swing at Michael Woods' manager? Whatever the case may be, even the THOUGHT of Diplo collaborating with Bieber has brought on a number of upset, confused, and pissed off fans on Twitter, who are saying everything from the "Express Yourself" producer "letting the money talk" to wondering if Diplo should work with One Direction next. And while the information, from Diplo himself, that he hadn't produced this single has been out since Tuesday afternoon, some heads are still in awe about the collaboration between Diplo & Justin Bieber on "All That Matters." You'd think that putting the information out on official channels would quash that line of thinking, but who knows what people actually read.

There's still a little matter of WHY sources like MTV reported this in the first place; was this just their putting two and two together and getting three, or did they have some reason to believe this was the Bieber/Diplo collaboration? And we won't even get into Bieber seemingly flipping the OWSLA logo for the "All That Matters" single art. We'll wait for official word on all of that, but until then, let's see how the Twitter community responded to this news.