Doesn't your heart melt when you hear a good love story? I know mine does, and you know your's does, too. But in 2013, we live in a society and world marketplace obsessed with (and is thusly driven by) sex, drugs, and violence. So while most of the media would rather lazily vomit out "thought pieces" about the myth of true love and why generation Y is unhappy, or why the world is ending, some are out here trying their part and lead by example. Dillon Francis is one of those people. While some us love the tasty gorditas and crunch wrap supremes that Taco Bell has blessed the taco-eating public with, Dillon's admiration of the restaurant chain has grown, and today, we felt it was only right to showcase that. From the public courting stage to their recurring statements of love to their holy union, Dillon Francis and Taco Bell are proving that true love isn't just a Disney ideal, but a reality.