Label: American

Danny Brown: "I was listening to a lot of rock music at the time that album came out. I saw the video on MTV. I never heard of System of a Down before that album. I was reading Blender magazine around that time and they had rated it real high. I just bought that album. Me and my cousin, Dopehead, just sat down and listened to it in its entirety. It never stopped. Nobody knew when a song turned to another song. I never heard an album like that before. Every song turned into something else. It was the most unpredictable thing I'd ever heard, music-wise.

"I guess it's almost like what free flowing jazz is to people. It's like what Yeezus was doing: just transforming into other things without you knowing what's going to happen. I never heard anything like that in the rock community. It had all the song lyrics written in the credits. I was able to read the lyrics and from that I was able to get more of an understanding of what they were talking about in the music. It was so heavy. It wasn't just like they were making songs. They were songs with a purpose. It was really on some social conscious shit."