GBE's Blood Money released a video for the song called "Thought He Was," his collaboration with Chief Keef. The video, directed by Will Hoopes, finds the two posing with cars at night, riding around on four-wheelers, and of course, hanging out on a stairwell inside a house, goons by their sides flashing guns. It's perhaps worth noting that Keef himself does not have a weapon in his hands in this video.

The song itself features a chanted hook that gets drilled into your head by the end of it. Blood Money raps first, his delivery sharp and bolstered by a shouted adlib that echoes at the end of every line. Keef comes in with the second verse, and it's exactly what you would expect from the GBE head honcho. Meanwhile, the beat, produced by Luca Vialli, simply thumps.

[via FSD]

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