The story of Skream's "Rollercoaster," in a nutshell: Skream officially decrees that's he's currently focusing on house and disco-tinged tracks, which surprised everyone who hasn't been listening to his sets for the last few years. He mentions a track, "Rollercoaster" as being influenced by Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, and featuring Sam Frank. Months later the track finally hits the 'Net, is exactly what Skream said it'd be, and people still bug out about the turn his production has taken. This disco beaut is then given an awesome music video, as well as a chilled remix from Jimmy Edgar.

Got all that? Now dig into the next chapter, which features the still-mysterious Route 94 bringing this one into the hypnotic deep house zone. Looping a vocal snippet atop this beautiful bass, this might be what many of you freaks will be more into. We'll see.