While out in Kingston, Jamaica filming his music video "Blocka," Pusha T linked up with Complex Magazine's own Noah Callahan-Bever and talked about music he personally enjoys, the impact of Clipse and his relationship with his brother No Malice.

"My fans don't really know what I really love," Pusha says. "They don't know that because my music is so lyric driven-based. They know that about me, but they don't know I'm really outside." Citing his recent collaboration with Future on "Pain," Pusha explains that his true fans understand why he makes it a point to work with artists outside of his musical zone.

Noah asks the veteran rapper about his work with Clipse, which Pusha describes as a time-tested sound. "I always said the Clipse and The Neptunes need to be known as a brand of music that’s synonomous to like Gang Starr," he says. "The person who loves a Gang Starr album, knows what they’re gonna get."

Watch the full interview above.

[via MassAppeal]

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