As you may have heard, Drake’s third album, Nothing Was the Same, hit stores today. There is no question in anyone’s mind as to whether or not it will top the charts. Most people seem to think it will sell somewhere in the range of 750,000-800,000 copies its first week out. But, being a sort-of well-informed person when it comes to the music industry, and also the type of person who roots for a big story, I am thinking the world is in for a surprise next week when the final tally is announced. I think Drake is about to do a million—and become the first rap artist to accomplish the feat since his boss and mentor, Lil Wayne, did it with Tha Carter III in 2008.

Drake himself has refused to make a guess. "Best advice I ever got is: No expectations lead to no disappointments," he said to MTV. "So I have no expectations." 

That is truly wise. And a very good way to live one's life.

But this isn't my life, we're talking about, it's Drake's. So I don't mind indulging this unhealthy urge. It just seems like this is one of those things where the signs are all coming together. It’s in the stars, or fate or that Octopus in Germany who kept predicting the outcome of all the World Cup soccer games. I’ve got a feeling about this. (In fact, I just bet my boss, Noah, a dollar—ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR!—that Drake was going to do it.) For many reasons, some of which follow. Here are my 10 Reasons Why Drake Will Sell A Million Records First Week.