At this point, everyone has heard Drake's album, Nothing Was The Same, but not everyone has heard him talk about it. Here, he sits down (after performing at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas) with Ryan Seacrest to preview the album and talk about its motivations, directions, and intentions. 

First, he tells Ryan the story behind "Started From The Bottom," which he did in one night. After getting the beat from Mike Zombie in his e-mail, through connections with a battle rapper, there was something about it that stuck with him. The song, he says, refers to the past four or five years of his life. It's a response to the idea that he didn't have to work to get to where he is. "Everybody's bottom is different," he says. His was that he was coming out of acting on a children's TV show, and had run out of money because he wasn't paid well. He goes on to describe the way that his family was struggling at the time, at which point he had decided: "I need to make a move."

They then move on to "Hold On, We're Going Home," which Ryan interprets as "...a song about one man's drive to recognize a female. Drake responds: "It's very much about recognition." He goes on to say "that song is about potential." As in, recognizing the potential in someone else. However, we learn that the song does not refer to anyone specific, but rather to his collected past experiences. Watch this, as well as his thoughts on "Worst Behaviour," "Pound Cake," and "The Language," above.

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