Eminem recently announced that the title of his upcoming album, due November 5th, will be The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (or MMLP2). Reprising the title of his 2000 classic, The Marshall Mathers LP, goes along with Em's return to rocking his signature blonde hair. (See this interview on ESPN, as well as in the video for the first single off MMLP2, “Berzerk.”)

Since his return to hip-hop in 2009 with Relapse, through 2010’s victorious Recovery and his rare subsequent appearances, Eminem had been wearing his natural brown hair—a sign many took to represent the end of his "Slim Shady" persona. In came through in his music, which sounded more mature than his earlier work. Does this mean that Shady's back again … again? There could be worse things!

This got us thinking. What else might Em bring back? 

From D12 to prank calls and acting, here is a list of a few more things we hope that Eminem revives on his upcoming album—or just in general. Check out 10 More Things Eminem Should Bring Back.

Written by Nicholas Sella (@therealnsella)

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