In a recent interview with Zane Low, ahead of the Reading and Leeds Festivals, Skrillex assured that new music would be coming sooner rather than later.  He said, "I have a lot of music right now, I have more songs than an album… will it be two releases or will it be one release? I don't know. If it feels like an album, it's an album, if it doesn't then it's gonna be a 10-minute mega song."

Skrillex also said that as he is getting ready to play his first festival as Skrillex this year, and that he's "excited to play some new music and we have new visuals and stuff that we're working with." Skrillex continued, "I'm just putting together a lot of new stuff for this show. We have like, production that we used to use that has gotten a makeover, it's also like, the last time we're gonna use it as well, so I'm excited."

Now DAD is thrilled, but we're wondering what's this going to sound like? Will it be Dogblood-esque?  Probably in small ways if only because it's still Skrillex, but not primarily so. Now when you consider the spastic, eclectic nature of Skrill's Essential Mix, something like this starts to make sense.  Add in the swirling rumors of a "Skrillex-ified neo-deep house" direction and we think we're getting an idea.  At the end of the day though, this is just speculation and we'll just have to wait for some official news. Or a track ID.

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