It's wild to believe that it has been four years since Sub Focus dropped his debut, self-titled album on Ram. We'd already seen that he was destined for greatness, but he exceeded our expectations, showcasing dubstep and other sounds that were just as invigorating as his drum & bass. In the years following this, he's put the drum & bass sound a step behind, focusing on creating quality music as opposed to just sticking to quality drum & bass music... which hasn't sat right with many of his diehard fans. You have to let the man grow, and with tracks like "Endorphins" and "Turn It Around," he's definitely not lost a step.

Torus is due out on September 23, and looks to be pretty vocalist-heavy, although track 11 features dnb producers Culture Shock and TC (although that doesn't necessarily mean we've got a dnb mashout on our hands). Torus is available for pre-order today, and could wind up being one of the surprise hits for the second half of 2013.


1. Torus
2. Safe In Sound
3. Endorphins Feat. Alex Clare
4. Out The Blue Feat. Alice Gold
5. Twilight
6. Close Feat. MNEK
7. Turn It Around Feat. Kele
8. Out Of Reach Feat. Jayelldee
9. Falling Down Feat. Kenzie May
10. Turn Back Time
11. You Make It Better Feat. Culture Shock & TC
12. Tidal Wave Feat. Alpines
13. Until The End Feat. Foxes