As we learned from his Instagram, Action Bronson, known for his woman-wooing ways, was once confronted with a proposition on the street: "Hi, I need tampons." To which he quickly responds like most people would, "What?" 

In this "social experiment" of a Kotex tampon commercial (which came out a few years ago), a woman asks a number of male pedestrians if they could do her the favor of going into a pharmacy and making the potentially embarrassing purchase for her while she watches her bike. Most of them say no, and wonder why they can't be the person watching the bike, but the woman does not relent. At the end of the commercial, it asks "Why are 40 percent people uncomfortable buying tampons?" 

Bronson must have been in the remaining 60 percent of that statistic, for though the commercial doesn't show it, he declares on Instagram: "Of course I said yes."

Everyone thank Action Bronson, who we all know to have that heavy flow on the mic, and without whom some 40 percent of us might go tampon-less.

[via RapGenius]

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