Rich Homie Quan: “We never sat down and said ‘We gon pick a single.' We tried to always go like lets look on YouTube and see what got the most plays. At that time it was like 'Can’t Judge Her,' 'Differences,' and 'Investment.' But 'Investment' was a little too dirty, we couldn’t clean that one up, but I said we have to keep it dirty because that’s gonna keep the pain in it.

“Then all the little DJs was making they own little stuff for 'Differences,' so we got a clean version, but we never just said that was a single. But when we did 'Type Of Way,' the response we got was so crazy, we thought, 'We’ve got to make this the single.' We had to. We’d have been crazy if we didn’t.

“You don’t try to make a hit. I aim for good music. That’s why like, I tried to have a lot of good songs. A hit, it’s gonna come. That’s like, you down 0-2, in the batter box, the pitcher’s looking for a strikeout. He throws it straight down the middle, and man, the batter just got a homerun. He was looking to get struck out, but he hit a homerun. When you’re looking for a good song, get on base, you know? I’m just trying to hit a line drive [Laughs] that’s all. I ain’t trying to be like, even with the song 'Type Of Way' I ain’t know it was gonna be no hit, it just snuck up on us."