"Troll" is a new word, an Internet word, especially in its verb form. And new words are always hard to define. But, as we understand it, trolling is the art of saying or doing something with the primary intent of pissing people off. Saying or doing something that does not reflect one's honest beliefs (or, at least, something that greatly exagerates one's honest beliefs), in hopes that people will "take the bait" and get mad, lose their cool, and grant the troll more attention than he or she might otherwise deserve.

Hip-hop has a long history of trolls (and LOLs!), only a fraction of which could be recounted here. So, while this list could never fully capture the full scope of trolling in hip-hop, we still used the title "A History of Trolling in Rap." Maybe this is trolling! Maybe it's not! Hahahaha, you mad. You maaaaaad. To get you through it, we enlisted Jeff Rosenthal, who knows a thing or two about annoying people on the Internet, to review.

Written by Jeff Rosenthal (@itsthereal)

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