With the Internet as hip-hop's most influential medium and the rise of blogging and social media spearheading growing interest in photography and graphic design, an artist's album cover today looks vastly different than it did back when Pen & Pixel was designing nearly every Southern rap album in sight.

What’s Pen & Pixel? It's a Houston-based company that rose to fame in the world of Southern Rap in the ‘90s after designing an endless number of covers for No Limit, Cash Money, and other

If you noticed continuity in the styles of your favorite southern rap covers of the mid-to-late-90's, it's because Pen & Pixel designed the cover graphics for everything from Juvenile's 400 Degreez to Three 6 Mafia's Live By Yo Rep. Looking back, more than a handful of these projects were...conceptually challenged.

Everything from images of burning buildings to Brown Bears dressed in Versace garb graced these deplorable covers. To refresh your memory, we've put together The 25 Most Ridiculous Pen & Pixel Album Covers Of All Time. Walk with us as we marvel at how some of these horrible ideas ever made it onto record-store shelves.