Soulja Boy hopped on the Migos' "Versace" beat for his own remix of the hit. Here are some standout lyrics:

"Givenchy, Givenchy Givenchy/all black and I look like I'm Kanye."

"I walk in the store with 100 racks on me like 'Boy what it do?/I'm riding round town, and I'm smoking that loud, and my car got no roof."

Look, we know Soulja Boy loves Versace, remember his track with RiFF RAFF "Versace Bentley?" Of course you do.

And then there was this time he posed for the paparazzi on a Versace shopping spree: 

 RiFF RAFF follow Soulja's lead and do a remix. Listen to Soulja Boy's "Versace" remix right here:

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