For a genre that features so many producers and DJs who clock tons of hours on the Internet and in front of their laptops, you'd think that EDM would have a plethora of quality memes. DAD's trying to find and compile as many of the best ones as we can, and will be doing so with this new feature: EDMeme. Our first discovery? DJ Pauly D and his drum and bass t-shirt.

We don't know how deep Pauly D's Serato goes. Maybe he does in fact rock to a fresh selection of dnb tracks. I'm from Jersey, and judging by what music you hear pumping down at the Shore, we'd assume whatever dnb playing Pauly would be doing isn't in that region. Whatever the case may be, Pauly D was snapped rocking a "drum and bass" t-shirt, and the Internet went nuts with this particular meme. As you can see, we're operating under the assumption that Pauly D knows fuck-all about drum & bass, and someone is asking him his thoughts on various DJs. Some of these responses are golden... even if this is only hilarious to the junglist massive out there.