That's right, Kanye West has kept his favoritism in alignment with his minimalist aesthetic. He has favorited one tweet in the history OF ALL TIME—and it is this one:

There is so much surrounding the fact that this exists that only over-analysis will suffice. Let's take a look at the facts. One, this is a tweet from a fictional account for a fictional character (Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down), as in, the account itself is not even officially associated with the HBO show it is representing. Kanye, himself, once had an affiliation with HBO but his pilot never materialized into syndication. This is to say, aside from his time existing as pop culture, Kanye also clearly appreciates pop culture.

His favorite tweet is a rare glimpse, outside of the rants, outside of the music, into Ye's mind.

Two, this happened at the end of September of 2010, right before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released (assuming Ye saw it around the day it was tweeted). He was just about to release an album that he had spent months of sleepless nights recording, yet he's adopting this nihilistic attitude (at least vicariously through fake fictional character tweets). This suggests Kanye is the type of person to flip back and forth between the extremes (which we have seen in other cases, of course), from as self-satisfied as he can appear to as DGAF as this fake Kenny Powers quote conveys.

Or maybe he just likes the wordplay.

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