Album: Quarantine
Producer: Dame Grease

"All My Life" features some of Dame Grease's most elaborate production. The beat sloshes unsteadily back and forth, while Max delivers focused rhymes behind a veil of hazy inebriation. His voice is framed with harmon-muted trumpets, an enervated clarion call, which punctuate steadily rising pianos, bells, and a hypnotic vocal loop. Sounding like a drunken street corner poet, Max's vocals, dulled in smokey rasp, seem completely unimpressed by the magnificent soundscape bubbling around him. The song makes a low-key, subtle attack, crafting a mood and then letting Max's boasts rise up from within, as if his vocal tone was just a natural part of the beat's shifting textures, while guest Mack Mustard fights through the current. Occasional snatches of humanity cut through the blur, tossed off: "Look at mama, bet she proud of me." —David Drake