Just when you get comfortable, dirtybird is mixing it up.  Belgian duo GoldFFinch has got a new two-track EP for us featuring the tracks "11th Hour" and "Sultry Steel."  The first is an airy, future garage inspired number with pulsating rhythms guiding you through a dreamlike sounscape filled with glimmering pads and orchestral magnificence.  This is the kind of cut you'd imagine playing as the soundtrack to your nighttime walk down a cold and rainy London street with its Burial-esque vibes and somber tones.  "Sultry Steel" is more of the same as it's distinctly UK finesse evokes a cadence similar to the early UK bass days of dubstep and grime, while the reggae steel drums give the track a beautiful if not unexpected late night smoothness.  Twinkling melodies and rolling sub-bass define this release so it's an interesting change for the normally ass-shaking label.  Enjoying the release is easy, but will it change the dirtybird ways?