Year: 2010, 2013
Label: EMI/Doggy Style/Priority, Berhane Sound System/Mad Decent/Vice

While the first collaboration on wax between Snoop Dogg and Diplo was the Kid Cudi-featured "That Tree" from Snoop's More Malice album in 2010, it was when Snoop wanted to embrace positivity in his music through the sounds of reggae that he called on Diplo and his Major Lazer crew to fly to Jamaica and help him get Reincarnated as Snoop Lion. Was it a success? It might not be the sound that everyone wants to hear from Snoop, but it worked much better than some random dancehall producers trying to help Snoop find his voice. Diplo's a fixer, and if you give the record a real listen through, you can feel where Snoop was coming from.