We'd always known that Silent Dust was a duo born out of the collaborative efforts of drum & bass producers Hobzee & Zyon Base, who made noise separately but really moved mountains as a duo. What we didn't know was that their group moniker came from an episode of the black-and-white 1960s edition of The Avengers TV show. Are they trying to avenge a certain sector of electronic music? Possibly. They don't stick to any format, although they still operate in-and-around that durm & bass tempo, helping progress electronic music in intriguing ways. They're also doing it for themselves, with their none60 imprint helping highlight the hybrid styles that are permeating throughout the dance music scene. With their latest mix, they show us the past, present, and future, mixing in the classic sounds of tracks like "Moving 808s" by Optical to more downtempo, cloudy cuts like their recently-released freebie "Machina." If you like your bass low and your ideas vast, you need this.

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1. TRIAD - Off World Colonies
2. Cloudeater & Wale - Faces (Silent Dust Remix)
3. Om Unit - Ulysses
4. Loxy & Isotone - Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
5. Sinistarr - Drama Dub
6. Tim Reaper - 5am Mood
7. Nuage & N4M3 - Sunday Morning (Silent Dust Remix)
8. Calibre - Hold Back (Jah)
9. TRIAD - Neon
10. Outer Heaven - Buried
11. Minor Rain - Monoscope
12. Optical - Moving 808s
13. Blocks, Escher, Loxy & Resound - Monsters
14. Es.tereo & Marlyn - This Is Where It All Ends
15. Flatliners & Dubmonger - Abi Dub
16. Brother - Rough Man
17. Nphonix - Reach Out (Om Unit Remix)
18. Silent Dust - Vostok 1
19. Sinistarr - I am Not Invincible
20. Sina - All Alone (Silent Dust Remix)
21. Silent Dust - Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix)
22. Doc Scott - Far Away
23. Silent Dust & Cloudeater feat. Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro - Machina