Album: Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor
Producer: Soundtrakk
Label: Atlantic/1st and 15th Entertainment

We first heard Lupe Fiasco on his scene-stealing guest verse on Kanye's "Touch the Sky," but the Chicago native outdid himself on his first solo single, 2006's "Kick, Push." The song starts off as a languid character study of a kid whose love of skateboarding makes him an outcast and a loner. By verse two, he's met a girl who shares his enthusiasm, and by the end of the third verse, he's got a crew of other skaters to keep him company. Even though the narrator's quest to find a place where he fits in is fulfilled, the chorus' refrain of "Kick, push, kick, push, coast" suggests that the key to life is to avoid stasis and keep moving through it.