Label: Jive
Producer: Calvin Miller Productions
Birthdate: 1/1/1989
Age: 18

Huey's album may have been called "Notebook Paper"—part of a proud tradition of teenage rappers with school-themed releases—but his breakout hit offered instructions so straightforward they didn't need to be written down. Unmistakeably a product of the wave of St. Louis pop rap smashes that ruled radio in the mid-'00s due to Huey's slurred Rs, the so-obvious-it's-brilliant hook and the stomping beat (also Bow Wow's Chingy reference on the remix), "Pop Lock and Drop It" transcended being a momentary dance trend by providing the perfect phrasing for yuppies in their thirties trying to explain the art of hip-hop dance. Perhaps recognizing that he would never again have as big a song (few artists do), Huey also stepped up to the plate to deliver a new, improved verse on the remix, which included a standout T-Pain appearance.