Marques Houston...we have a problem.

Mankind has been fascinated and obsessed with space since our ancestors developed eyes and could gaze up to the heavens. We've wanted to explore it, understand it, tame it.

Rappers are no different. Some pretend to be aliens. Some believe they are aliens. Some just appreciate the wondrous near-vacuum that is the final frontier.

With the lifestyles rappers purport to live, it only makes sense that they would be interested in space. Being able to get away from "it all." No groupies. No paparazzi. No oxygen. No new friends. It's an unobtainable destination and the most exclusive vacation. Conversely, space is a pretty cool place, so they could just love nebulae, cosmic dust and stars. Quite frankly, it befuddles us that no rapper has attempted to purchase their own planetarium yet.

We've compiled a list of rap songs that feature outer space as a prominent motif, from whole funky planets to tiny stars. Here are 23 Rap Songs About Outer Space.

Written by Justin Roberson (@BauceSauce)

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